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Select Cutting will reseed the logging roads when done logging your land.
Select Cutting will reseed your roads.

Select Cutting will provide proper water run offs for your land.

At Select Cutting we aim to show that timber harvesting is both profitable and necessary to landowners. We stress the need to select harvest mature and damaged timber only. Too many companies come in and take as much as possible and leave nothing in the woods for reproduction. Unfortunately even your DNR forest management programs will promote clear cutting. Eventually you will have another harvest, but what about the 20 - 30 years it's going to take to grow those trees to maturity. Timber has been reseeding the forests on it's own for centuries. We thin your land of trees of all species when they are at or beyond there top dollar valve. We like to work on a percentage basis. Therefore the landowner is not being paid one set price and left wondering how much timber was actually harvested. Select Cutting will take time to consult with the landowner on the quality of trees and suggest to the landowner what should be taken. Final word is always the landowners. It's your land, not ours; let us provide a service that will make you happy you chose Select Cutting. We treat your property as if it were ours and do anything to make your land look better for the future.


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